Saturday, 6 March 2010

Deluge (3 of 5)


Anonymous said...

I still really like these. They remind me of waking up from a dream and having to rub your eyes to see clearly, or looking at pennies thrown in a wishing well. You're caught in a place waiting for them to drift to the surface, but it never happens. I want to know what's written on the paper, and at the same time, I love that the words are inaccessible and could mean anything.

One of my favourite quotes is Louis XI: Après moi le deluge (After me comes the flood). I also think it goes quite well with this work. If you think about the quote as meaning "excess or ruin with no thought for tomorrow", then it kind of goes back to digitalisation and consumerism. How old things are often discarded or "drowned out" by the invention of the new. But it's still important to remember what came before, even though it is unclear. Just my immediate thoughts. Hope that makes sense :)

J. Hamlyn said...

Actually that makes absolute sense - Thank you - you've hit the nail right on the head.

It's really strange you mention the idea of waking from a dream - the title comes from a watercolour by Albrecht Dürer made in 1525:

"I saw this image in my sleep, how many great waters poured from heaven, drowning the whole land… The deluge fell with such frightening swiftness, wind, and roaring that when I awoke, my whole body trembled; for a long while I could not come to myself. So when I arose in the morning, I painted what I had seen."

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