Thursday, 3 February 2011

The Ideal Project Brief

What makes an ideal Project Brief? We were asked this question at a staff Learning and Teaching event yesterday and as the list of Aims, Objectives, Learning Outcomes, Resources, Examples, Schedules, Clear Language, Recommended Typeface, etc, etc, came spewing out of us all, like so much regurgitated orthodoxy, it occurred to me that there’s only one fundamental thing that every project brief should ever aim to do: Inspire.


Pat Law said...

yup - like this pic. Where is it Jim? Makes me want to take off up that slope

J. Hamlyn said...

Hi Pat,
It's in the Dolomites. We were there to do a little Via Ferrata. I must admit though, as tempting as that slope was, we turned off to the right and a much easier trail.

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