Monday, 21 November 2011


complicated = a telephone

complex = a weather system


Dale@Unown Ink Design said...

Hi Jim,
I do read your blog consistently, though I haven't commented on any of your recent articles. Great reads!

I'm writing to you with a link that you either have already heard or, I feel might find very interesting. It's a talk by Derrida entitled, "The Future of the Profession or the Unconditional University." It was given in 1999 at SUNYA.

It's lengthy (2 hours and some) but I found it well worth the listen. You also need to have Real Player installed on your computer to play it.

Best Regards,
Dale Morris

J. Hamlyn said...

Hi Dale,

Just tried to play it but even the most recent version of Real Player can't deal with it on my Mac. I guess I'll have to find a PC to view it on. Great to hear that you're still finding these posts worthwhile reading.

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